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Sera Viformo Nature

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Sera Viformo Nature
Product Information:

Tablet food for catfish with 4% gammarus and sea algae rich in vitamins


sera Viformo Nature is the catfish food without dyes and preservatives consisting of gently manufactured tabs for catfish and other bottom oriented fish that are searching for food at the bottom.



The nutritious and easily digestible food contains 4% gammarus as a high quality protein and mineral substance source. Gammarus is also rich in trace elements and carotenoids. The balanced composition, enriched with sea algae rich in vitamins, supports healthy development and liveliness of the animals.



The appropriate nutrition of fish with a small mouth (e.g. armored catfish or loaches) is ensured as the sinking tabs disintegrate into bite-sized chunks while the fish are searching for food at the bottom. The food chunks remain compact and do not cloud the water.